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The Journey


I have only one:

To be, both in fact and in perception, the very best in each market and in every discipline associated with my craft, by which I operate and execute photography. Period.

Eric Hernandez, owner of LOOK Photography, is based in Orange County California. He has been working as a professional photographer since 1992. Prior to his step into the photo industry, Eric spent much of his education in Graphic Design, working with brand development.

In 1997 Eric graduated with honors from world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara California. Soon he entered the commercial industry, focusing in the outdoor community and visual product branding. Eric worked with such clients as Patagonia, The Territory Ahead, North Face and National Geographic Taverler. He found himself traveling around the world, in tents, climbing mountains, and trail hopping in some of the most remote and exotic places around the globe.

In 2001 Eric launched LOOK Photography, in Southern California, and began the building blocks for company. With a strong base of design skills, and an extensive background with brand development, Eric switched gears and began to turn his focus and cameras towards the Home industry. He started his journey throughout the islands of Hawaii, then slowly began to build a strong client list thoughout Southern California. Soon Eric became a well respected photographer in Orange County, with great photo diversity, an indepth understanding for client objectives and a keen eye to detail.

In 2004, Eric opened an office in San Clemente California, with business partner Jonathan Thomas, and a full staff of the best graduates from Brooks Institute. Eric led his team to become the leading source of high end architecture and home photography in Orange County. The LOOK team serviced nearly every major corporate builder, developer, architect, interior design firm and ad agency that worked in the housing industry. Eric's work was being published in national and international magazines for ad campaigns around the world. His work has been awarded for many years in BIA, ASID, MAME, LAURALS and Golden Nugget among others.

in 2005 LOOK launched LOOK Photo Agency (LPA) a private stock agency within LOOK Photography Inc. LPA first began as an outlet where his corporate clients could commission large shoots based on producing private stock imagery of their specific projects or locations. LPA soon turned into a full fledge stock agency and became LIVEDin Images Inc. Within months LIVEDin became one the largest provider of home imagery for CORBIS. The LIVEDin collections (SHELTERED images and BUILT Images) soon filtered out to 80+ other stock agencies worldwide, in over 30 countries. From large production ad campaigns to full feature stories, Eric's work spread into every facet of advertising. Clients from accross the the globe and industry purchased his images including; Architectual Digest, Coastal Living, Kohler, Disney, Behr Paints, Ralph Lauren, Kenmoore, GE Monogram and Viking.

In 2009 Eric found himself very well versed and ready to get back into the production side of photography. Once again he took control of LOOK Photography, and set out for another adventure as a well versed photographer looking for reputable clients and new challanging projects.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes. - Marcel Proust